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Too Long; Didn't ReadThe Fly has deserved well of hygiene. The first to come to the dead Mole, she left behind her a garrison of scavengers which, without dissecting-instruments, whether lancets or scalpels,...

Too Long; Didn't Read

The Fly has deserved well of hygiene. The first to come to the dead Mole, she left behind her a garrison of scavengers which, without dissecting-instruments, whether lancets or scalpels, set to work upon the corpse. The most urgent matter was to sterilize the carcase, to extract from it such substances as are readily corrupted, the source of rapid and dangerous putrescence. And this is what the maggot has been doing. From its pointed mouth, for ever poking and rummaging, it dribbled forth a solvent as effective as any in my laboratory; with this reagent it dissolved the flesh and viscera, or at least reduced them to a thick liquid broth. Gradually the soil is saturated with the fertilizing moisture, which the plant will soon restore to the laboratory of living chemistry.

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IT Forum

Sua empresa joga infinitamente? - IT Forum
No mundo dos esportes, nem todas as regras são simples. No tênis, por exemplo, a pontuação começa com 15, o segundo ponto vale 30, o terceiro ponto 40 e o quarto ponto corresponde a um game. Aí se reinicia a...

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AI | Techcrunch

Following UK antitrust order, Meta sells Giphy to Shutterstock for $53M after buying it for $400M
Meta has finally found a willing buyer for Giphy, the animated GIF search engine it acquired for $400 million three years ago. Shutterstock announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Meta to...

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Suddenly, everyone wants to talk about how to regulate AI
Plus: Meta’s new AI models for speech.AP Photo/Patrick Semansky This story originally appeared in The Algorithm, our weekly newsletter on AI. To get stories like this in your inbox first, sign up here. It...

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Marktechpost AI Research News

This AI Paper Shows How Diffusion Models Memorize Individual Images From Their Training Data And Emit Them At Generation Time
In recent years, image diffusion models such as DALL-E 2, Imagen, and Stable Diffusion have gained considerable attention for their remarkable ability to generate highly realistic synthetic images. However,...

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Boilerplate Supabase + Typescrip + Zodios - Routes typesafe :) · CarlosZiegler
E ai pessoal, estou criando um boilerplate em um monorepo que implementa aith com supabase, estou usando Zodios, uma lib que ajuda a ter typesafe para criacao de rotas e ter essa tipagem...

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ChatGPT: The New Platform for AI Marketing | HackerNoon
ChatGPT: The New Platform for AI Marketing [email protected] Long; Didn't ReadChatGPT, a powerful AI language model developed by OpenAI, has changed practically everything. It’s enabled us to focus on...

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Stack Overflow Blog

For those who just don’t Git it (Ep. 573)
Pierre-Étienne Meunier, creator and lead developer of open-source version control system Pijul, joins the home team to talk about version control, functional programming, and why OCaml is a source of French national pride.

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AI | Techcrunch

Reliance JioMart cuts 1,000 jobs and to eliminate thousands more, report says
JioMart, Reliance Retail’s online shopping platform, has laid off over 1,000 employees and plans to cut as many as 9,900 more roles over the coming weeks, according to a report, as the Indian retail giant...

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Tecnologia no Serpro - Hipsters Ponto Tech #358 - Hipsters Ponto Tech
Hoje é papo é sobre o Serpro! Nesta conversa, falamos sobre o que é o Serpro, as tecnologias e sistemas digitais do governo que usamos no dia a dia que são desenvolvidos por eles e o concurso que está sendo...

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Como otimizar uma consulta SQL contendo UNION · alexsndf
Olá a todos, Preciso otimizar a consulta MySQLi abaixo, A consulta é para exibir posts relacionados, estava funcioando tranquilo mas ultimamente o blog aumentou as visitas, aí começou a p...

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