Magic Leap’s CEO will discuss the future of AR at Disrupt’s Hardware Stage

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In late 2020, Peggy Johnson took the reins as CEO and led Magic Leap’s pivot away from a consumer audience — those less able to swing $2,300 for a mixed-reality headset — to the deeper pockets of the...
Magic Leap’s CEO will discuss the future of AR at Disrupt’s Hardware Stage

In late 2020, Peggy Johnson took the reins as CEO and led Magic Leap’s pivot away from a consumer audience — those less able to swing $2,300 for a mixed-reality headset — to the deeper pockets of the enterprise market. We’re excited to have Johnson join us for a fireside chat on the Hardware Stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, which takes place September 19–21 in San Francisco.

The Magic Leap 2 headset, designed to improve productivity across multiple industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and defense, rings in at more than $3,000. We’re eager to hear Johnson’s take on AR’s move to enterprise, the future of consumer use and the 800-pound gorilla that is Apple’s yet-to-be-announced mixed-reality headset.

Prior to joining Magic Leap, Johnson served as executive vice president of business development at Microsoft where she drove strategic partnerships and transactions to accelerate growth for the company and its customers. 

Johnson also spent 24 years at Qualcomm, where she held various leadership positions across engineering, sales, marketing and business development. In addition, she ran the Qualcomm Internet Services business unit.

Johnson earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from San Diego State University and currently serves as a board member for BlackRock.

You’ll find more conversations with leading experts on the Hardware Stage, which features topics like robotics, consumer electronics, space and more. It’s just one of the six new stages for six breakthrough sectors at Disrupt.

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