Introducing the Disrupt Audience Choice breakout winners

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We asked you, dear readers, to vote for the breakout sessions you want to see in September at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, and your response was amazing! The 15 contenders did nothing to make your job easy, but...
Introducing the Disrupt Audience Choice breakout winners

We asked you, dear readers, to vote for the breakout sessions you want to see in September at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, and your response was amazing! The 15 contenders did nothing to make your job easy, but thousands of votes later, we’re ready to announce the 10 breakouts you’re sending to Disrupt!

But first, a shameless plug: You’ll need a pass to go see the breakout sessions and all the other Disrupt programming — including six new industry-specific stages. Why wait? Buy your pass now, and book a 2-for-1 Pass on select tickets during our weeklong Memorial Day sale.

The top 10 breakouts presenting at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

These breakouts cover a range of essential topics, including AI for social good, product-led growth, disability tech and so much more. Start planning your Disrupt strategy now, folks, because you won’t want to miss any of these timely topics designed to help you build and scale a bigger and better business.

5 Ways Companies Aren’t Just Analyzing Data – They’re Making Money With It 

Barr Moses, Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo and Lior Gavish, CTO, Monte Carlo

AI for Social Good: How Technologists and Nonprofits can Partner to Deliver Lasting Impact 

Jen Carter, Global Head of Technology,

Ask Sophie LIVE — Your Startup Immigration Questions Answered!

Sophie Alcorn, TechCrunch columnist of “Ask Sophie” and Attorney Founder, Alcorn Immigration Law

Building Early-Stage Products as a Non-technical Founder: What to and Not to Do 

Andy Powell, chief business officer, Oak’s Lab

Building Guardrails, Not Gates — How Continuous Security Can Reduce Friction Between Teams, Accelerate Time to Deployment and Enhance Overall Security 

Guy Flechter, chief AppSec officer, Palo Alto Networks

Defining Disability Tech: Innovations for the World’s Largest Minority

Sandy Lacey, executive director, Howe Innovation Center, Perkins School for the Blind

New CEO Imperative: Why You Need a Revenue Governance Strategy

Andy Byrne, co-founder and CEO, Clari

Product-Led Growth: Industry Buzzword or Business Game Changer?

Justin Bauer, chief product officer, Amplitude

The New Power Duo in Capital-Efficient Growth: Marketing and Customer Success

Ellie Wu, vice president, Sales and Customer Success Center of Excellence, Insight Partners, and Jared Brickman, senior director, Marketing Center of Excellence, Insight Partners

Why Coastal Tech Hubs Should Pay Attention to the Innovation Happening in the Midcontinent

Nathaniel Harding, managing partner, Cortado Ventures, and Michael Basch, CEO, Atento Capital

Join the global startup community and hear all of these amazing breakouts at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, September 19–21 in San Francisco.

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