Hear how Sensi.AI is building AI for remote patient monitoring

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Remotely monitoring patients without violating their privacy is a challenging task. But one co-founder believes that she’s cracked the code. I’m excited to announce I’m speaking with Romi Gubes, the CEO of...
Hear how Sensi.AI is building AI for remote patient monitoring

Remotely monitoring patients without violating their privacy is a challenging task. But one co-founder believes that she’s cracked the code.

I’m excited to announce I’m speaking with Romi Gubes, the CEO of Sensi.AI,a startup that has developed 24/7 audio-based AI software to detect and predict physical, cognitive and emotional care-related anomalies that can impact the health and wellbeing of those receiving in home care to prevent unwanted occurrences from happening. We’ll be joined on this TechCrunch Live event by Sergey Gribov, General partner at Flint Capital and a board member at Sensi.AI, who previously founded the enterprise assets management company AB Systems.

This TechCrunch Live event is free to attend, and I hope you can make it. Register here.

We’ll cover a range of topics during the interview, particularly on the technical side of Sensi.AI’s platform, which monitors patients’ rooms in an ostensibly privacy-preserving way. Given the tendency of algorithms to pick up biases in the data on which they’re trained, there’s naturally a lot of skepticism around tech like Sensi.AI’s.

Gubes is set to speak on Sensi.AI’s engineering processes and the steps it takes to combat false alerts, as well as biases. She’ll also fill us in on how Sensi.AI came to be, and how it’s managed to raise $25 million in venture capital to date despite challenges in the broader startup economy — and the competitiveness of the health tech market.

Gubes and Gribov will also step outside Sensi.AI to talk about the growing interest in AI for a range of applications, from healthcare to industrial control to marketing. Gribov will provide the investor perspective, offering support for — or against — the notion that the AI craze isn’t dying down anytime soon. He’s well-positioned to do so, having worked in IT, software development, operations and general management for over 15 years.

It’s a lot of ground to cover. But we’re all ears when it comes to suggestions. Have a question you’d like answered? Send it ahead of the stream and we’ll do our best to work it into the show. Or if you register for the show here, you can submit the question live on Hopin.

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