GitHub - NotJoeMartinez/yt-fts: Youtube Full Text Search - Search all of a YouTube's subtitles from the command line

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Youtube Full Text Search - Search all of a YouTube's subtitles from the command line - GitHub - NotJoeMartinez/yt-fts: Youtube Full Text Search - Search all of a YouTube's subtitles from t...
GitHub - NotJoeMartinez/yt-fts: Youtube Full Text Search - Search all of a YouTube's subtitles from the command line


yt-fts is a simple python script that uses yt-dlp to scrape all of a youtube channels subtitles and load them into an sqlite database that is searchable from the command line. It allows you to query a channel for specific key word or phrase and will generate time stamped youtube urls to the video containing the keyword.


git clone
python3 -m venv .env
source .env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

This project requires yt-dlp installed globally. See here if you have issues.


python3 -m pip install -U yt-dlp



 --help Show this message and exit.
 delete delete [channel id]
 download download [channel url]
 export export [channel id] [search text]
 list Lists channels
 search search [channel id] [search text]


Will download all of a channels vtt files into your database

python download ""

If this fails you can manually input the channel id with the --channel-id flag

python download "" --channel-id "UC4woSp8ITBoYDmjkukhEhxg"


Will list all of your downloaded channels


Listing channels
channel_id channel_name channel_url
------------------------ ------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------
UC4woSp8ITBoYDmjkukhEhxg The Tim Dillon Show


Will search a channel for text based off the channel id you give it and will print a url to that point in the video

python search [channel_id] "text you want to find"


python search UC4woSp8ITBoYDmjkukhEhxg "life in the big city"


Video title"("#208 - Let's Have A Party | The Tim Dillon Show - YouTube",)"
 Quote: "life in the big city Dan is wearing the"
 Time Stamp: 01:50:07.790
Video title"('#176 - The Florida Project | The Tim Dillon Show - YouTube',)"
 Quote: "the show life in the big city love these"
 Time Stamp: 00:31:05.669
Video title"('164 - Life In The Big City - YouTube',)"
 Quote: "life in the big city it was one of my"
 Time Stamp: 00:27:17.549


Similar to search except it will export all of the search results to a csv with the format: Video Title,Quote,Time Stamp,Link as it's headers


Will delete a channel from your database

python delete [channel_id]

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