Disrupt 2023 Audience Choice voting ends today

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Today is last day to cast your vote for Audience Choice roundtables and breakouts at Disrupt 2023. Voting ends at 11:59pm PDT tonight. You pick the sessions you want at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 Specifically,...
Disrupt 2023 Audience Choice voting ends today

Today is last day to cast your vote for Audience Choice roundtables and breakouts at Disrupt 2023. Voting ends at 11:59pm PDT tonight.

You pick the sessions you want at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Specifically, you help decide which of the 17 roundtable discussions and 15 breakout sessions will earn a spot on the Disrupt agenda. The 10 speakers — in each category — who receive the most votes will present their topics at the show.

Both roundtables and breakouts draw big crowds at Disrupt and for good reason. They focus on vital topics and issues that help increase your knowledge and grow your business.

15 Breakout contenders for TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

The following 15 breakout sessions are hunting for a spot on the Disrupt agenda. Go to the Audience Choice voting site, read the full topic descriptions, filter and search by topic, and upvote your favorites.

New CEO Imperative: Why You Need a Revenue-Governance Strategy

Speaker: Andy Byrne, co-founder and CEO, Clari

Building Early-Stage Products as a Nontechnical Founder: What to & Not to Do

Speaker: Andy Powell, chief business officer, Oak’s Lab

5 Ways Companies Aren’t Just Analyzing Data — They’re Making Money With It

Speaker: Barr Moses, co-founder and CEO, Monte Carlo

How to Make Your Investment FOMO Work for You

Speaker: Christine Tsai, CEO and founding partner, 500 Global

The Rise of Climate Deep Tech

Speakers: Daria Saharova, founding partner, World Fund and Joshua Western, founder and CEO, Space Forge

The New Power Duo in Capital-Efficient Growth: Marketing and Customer Success

Speakers: Jared Brickman, senior director, Marketing Center of Excellence, Insight Partners; and Ellie Wu, vice president, Sales and Customer Success Center of Excellence, Insight Partners

Ready, Set, Grow! Making the Most of Your First 90 Days With Your Investors

Speaker: Gabby Cazeau, principal, Harlem Capital

Building Guardrails, Not Gates: How Continuous Security Can Reduce Friction Between Teams, Accelerate Time to Deployment and Enhance Overall Security

Speaker: Guy Flechter, chief appsec officer, Palo Alto Networks

AI for Social Good: How Technologists and Nonprofits Can Partner to Deliver Lasting Impact

Speaker: Jen Carter, global head of technology,

Building Credibility and Trust: A Guide to Startup PR

Speaker: Jenna Guarneri, CEO and president, JMG Public Relations

Investing in Women and the Future of Families: It’s Not Charity, It’s a Multitrillion-Dollar Opportunity for VC 

Speaker: Jesse Draper, founding partner, Halogen Ventures

Product-Led Growth: Industry Buzzword or Business Game-Changer?

Speaker: Justin Bauer, chief product officer, Amplitude

Why Coastal Tech Hubs Should Pay Attention to the Innovation Happening in the Midcontinent

Speakers: Michael Basch, CEO and General Partner, Atento Capital and Nathaniel Harding, managing partner, Cortado Ventures

Defining Disability Tech: Innovations for the World’s Largest Minority

Speaker: Sandy Lacey, executive director, Howe Innovation Center, Perkins School for the Blind

Ask Sophie LIVE: Your Startup Immigration Questions Answered!

Speaker: Sophie Alcorn, founder and CEO, Alcorn Immigration Law

17 Roundtables vying for a spot at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

These should pique your interest. Be sure to check out the 17 roundtable session contenders below and then go to the Audience Choice voting site, read the full topic descriptions, filter and search by topic, and upvote your favorites.

Revolutionizing Retail: Using AI and Data Analytics to Drive Customer Engagement

Speaker: AnaMaria Meshkurti, head of marketing, communications and engagement, Geneva Foundation for Tech Innovation

Unpacking the Valuation Disparity: How Women Founders Can Bridge the VC Funding Divide

Speaker: Brooke Motta, CEO and co-founder, KSOC

“Impactpreneurship” and “Coopetition” — How to Run Your Business Without Ruining Yourself

Speaker: Emeka Nwachinemere, chief executive officer, Kitovu Technology Company

How to Build a Team for a Growing Startup

Speaker: Emilia Vicini, HR and talent acquisition lead, Kadre

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI: Real-Life Use Cases and Solutions

Speaker: Eugenio Zuccarelli, data science manager, CVS Health

Navigating Cybersecurity for Startups: Beyond the Buzzwords

Speaker: Ian Garrett, CEO and co-founder, Phalanx

Social Life 3.0: The Future of Digital Connection

Speaker: KJ  Dhaliwal, chief strategy officer, Social Discovery Group

The Power of Personal Branding for Founders

Kotryna Kurt, CEO and founder, Linkedist

The State of VC Financing: What Startups Need to Know and Negotiate

Speaker: Lindsey Mignano, founding partner, SSM

Building a Strong Company Culture for Virtual Teams: Best Practices for Remote Onboarding

Speaker: Luciana Leuci Garcia, founder, trainer and mentor, Jobpont

How to Leverage Real-Time Payments to Expand Product Capability and Accessibility

Speaker: Rocio Wu, principal, F-Prime Capital

How to Establish Early Credibility in the Market and Capitalize on Crucial Momentum

Speaker: Ryan Walker, founder, R.J. Walker and Co.

War Stories with Founder Equity and Cap Tables

Speaker: Sam Wong, CEO, Fundable Startups

How the Fortune 500 Is Buying AI Software — or Not!

Speaker: Sandhya Hegde, general partner, Unusual Ventures

The Art of Choosing the Right Investor: A Guide for Startup Founders

Speaker: Sergey Gribov, partner, Flint Capital International VC Fund

How Investing in Founders and Tech in the American South Will Create Economic Opportunity and Drive Community Development

Speaker: Sevetri Wilson, founder and CEO, Resilia

How NOT to Become a Me-Too Startup in a Hyped-Up Category

Speaker: Vidya Raman, partner, Sorenson Ventures

Don’t miss your chance to vote on the roundtable discussions (and breakout sessions) you want to see at Disrupt.

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