DevHunt: A Collaborative Haven for Launching Dev Tools

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Title: Introducing DevHunt - A Community-Driven Launch Platform for Developer Tools 1. Introduction Welcome to DevHunt, a launching platform specifically designed for developers by developers. Our goal...
DevHunt: A Collaborative Haven for Launching Dev Tools

John Rush

Title: Introducing DevHunt - A Community-Driven Launch Platform for Developer Tools

1. Introduction

Welcome to DevHunt, a launching platform specifically designed for developers by developers. Our goal is to create a fair and accessible space for showcasing innovative dev tools, built through an open-source community effort.

2. The Problem with Current Launch Platforms

When it comes to launching developer tools, platforms like Product Hunt can be challenging due to their broad focus on various types of products. As a result, dev tool creators often struggle to gain the visibility they deserve among other non-developer-focused products.

3. How DevHunt Aims to Solve This Issue

DevHunt's mission is simple: create an environment that empowers devs by catering solely to developer tools. By focusing on this niche, we ensure our platform remains relevant and useful for both creators and users within the development community.

4. The Unique Approach of Using GitHub Pull Requests and User Authentication

We've implemented some unique approaches at DevHunt:

  • GitHub Pull Requests: To list your dev tool on our platform, simply submit a pull request! This transparent method encourages collaboration among contributors.

  • User Authentication: Users must log in using their GitHub accounts before voting or commenting; this ensures only genuine developers have influence over rankings while reducing fake account creation.

  • Valuing Reputable Contributions: We're also considering ways of valuing votes and comments from reputable GitHub users more than those without public commits/repos – making it harder for anyone trying to game the system.

5. Benefits of Joining and Contributing to DevHunt

By joining our open-source project as either a contributor or supporter:

  • You'll help shape an inclusive launch pad tailored specifically towards developer tools.

  • Gain better exposure when you launch your own dev tool projects.

  • Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network within the development community.

6. How Developers Can Get Involved

We're excited about building DevHunt together with you! If you'd like to contribute or support our initiative, simply visit our GitHub repository and submit a pull request for any improvements or changes. You can also spread the word among fellow developers who might be interested in joining us on this journey!

In conclusion, DevHunt aims to provide a fair and transparent platform where developer tools can thrive. We believe that by working together as a community, we'll create an invaluable resource for devs worldwide – so come join us today!

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Dev Tools Makers!
Let's transform #buildinpublic into #buildBYpublic!

Here is the fact:
There is no good place for us(developers) to launch our dev tools.
So we do it on Product Hunt, which is like a goalkeaper tryign to win best player award, really……

20:19 PM - 21 May 2023

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Product Hunt is becoming overcrowded and fake 😞.

Is there an alternative for DEV tools? 🧐

If not, I'll create one that only allows open source and premium dev tool posts.

If this idea gets 100 likes, I'm making it happen.

12:25 PM - 17 May 2023

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Introducing a fun and unique #buildinpublic experiment: #ownedbypublic. Our goal? An alternative to Product Hunt for dev tools.

This platform will be created, owned, and operated by its contributors with decisions made through Twitter polls and public voting.

Any revenue……

08:58 AM - 19 May 2023

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