7 Secret AI Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed

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7 Secret AI Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed

If you’re looking around you, people now started using AI websites and apps. It’s true that the AI era has started and boomed since the launch of ChatGPT. So, are you using AI to boost your performance? If not, how does it feel living under the rock?

Secret AI Powered Websites You Probably Didn't Know

With so many great things on the table, we often miss out on the best ones. Well, that’s the same case with AI websites and tools. While using popular AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney, many people are missing out on other powerful AI-powered websites.

In this blog, we will talk about 7 secret AI websites that you probably never heard of but these can boost your productivity like anything.

7 Secret AI Websites You Should Know (But No One Told You About)

Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence has become a game-changer across various industries, revolutionizing the way we work, communicate, and solve complex problems. While there are well-known AI platforms and resources available, there exists a treasure trove of lesser-known websites that hold valuable insights, tools, and communities for AI enthusiasts.

In this blog, we will unveil 7 secret AI websites that you may not have heard about yet, but that can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and opportunities to delve deeper into the exciting world of AI. Prepare to discover hidden gems that will take your AI journey to new heights.

Interview Prep AI

Feeling anxious and nervous during the preparations for an interview is quite common. After all, the interview process is the final boss of the taxing game called job seeking!

How about seeking help from an AI that helps you prepare for your big day? Interview Prep AI is a remarkable advanced AI tool that allows you to practice real-time interviews as many times as you want. Now, that’s one superb way to head toward your interview with the utmost confidence!

“Ahh, all these advanced AI are quite hard to use!”…Well, all we can say – this tool is too easy to use.

Let us break down the Interview AI process into simpler steps —

Step 1: Head to and upload your CV to the AI. Don’t let worry cloud your thoughts, all the information that you share will not be shared further.

Step 2: Provide the AI with general information about the interview you are preparing for. These include the job description, your interview type, and the language you will be giving the interview.

Step 3: Start your preparation! The AI will be your Automated IInterviewer asking all relevant questions based on the information you provided.

Interview Prep AI


Let’s address one of the biggest headaches of corporate peeps – tackling unorganized documents! Productivity decreases significantly when working around a chaotic system of Google Docs, Notion pages, and other significant documents. This is where eesel comes to your rescue!

eesel is an AI website and Chrome extension that integrates with your system and organizes all your documents in a systematic manner. What does it mean by “organizing the documents”, you ask? Well, with eesel, you can create a new tab with just one click and eesel will automatically filter your document browsing history, organizing all your documents in the new tab.

eesel app

Moreover, you can create new documents, search existing documents, or keep track of your team member’s projects, all through this incredible AI-powered website!

One more thing – this website doesn’t require any sign-in process, therefore, all your privacy concerns vanish!


When we say, AI will take over many jobs, it doesn’t only refer to the corporate world but many other industries also. And the music industry is no exception!

Meme where god of death is knocking on door marked as music

Meme Courtesy: Dr. Jim Fan on Twitter

How about we tell you about a mind-blowing AI website that does the music production tasks for you? Beatoven AI is a powerful artificial intelligence that does all the music creation work for you.

Even if you are someone with a weak hand in technology, using Beatoven isn’t a daunting task. Once you get done with the sign-in process, the AI will ask you to choose the type of beat and genre you want ranging from Classical, Indie, and Hip-hop to electronic. Beethoven will produce a royalty-free beat for you, all for free!

Beatoven AI


Building web apps is now not only limited to skilled web developers! With the help of robust Toolbuilder, it is now possible for coding novices to design and build AI web apps and tools within minutes!

Let’s list out what this no-code AI website Toolbuilder can do for you —

  • Toolbuilder’s drag-and-drop interface enables you to seamlessly create web tools to perform tasks such as data analysis and text recognition.
  • Offer you a number of templates and tool block features.
  • Provide a sandbox environment to help you test tools.

Toolbuilder AI

Wait, that’s not all! Once you get done with tool building and are satisfied with the result, how about making it available for other people to use? Yes, you can publish your AI-generated web tool for the public to use.

So, even if you are a coding novice with little to no knowledge of coding but want to build an AI web tool, Toolbuilder is the perfect AI friend for you!

Snack Prompt

Imagine having access to an extremely powerful AI such as ChatGPT but not knowing how to use it perfectly in order to obtain the best result. Well, that’s the case with most of the ChatGPT users of present times. While using ChatGPT, it is significant to enter the best prompt to get the best result.

How about we introduce you to another AI that helps you generate ideal prompts for ChatGPT?

SnackPrompt is a community-driven AI platform that provides users with the best chatbot prompts for ChatGPT. SnackPrompt community is quite active, therefore, the latest prompts are always on the top which eliminates all the hassle of searching for the best prompt for Chatbots.

Snack Prompt

Also, if you are also William Shakespeare in writing AI prompts, Snackprompt allows you to share them in the community and get feedback on your work.

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Adcopy AI

Imagine three artificial technology titans – natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence coming together to provide you with high-conversion ads. Well, that’s what Adcopy AI is!

AdCopy AI

In the world of advertising, the power of persuasive and captivating copy cannot be underestimated. To create ads that truly resonate with your target audience, you need reliable data and a touch of creative genius. That’s where AdCopy AI steps in, offering a guided experience that empowers you to craft compelling ad copy that drives results.

Built upon the expertise of the best brands in your niche, AdCopy AI harnesses the collective intelligence of successful advertising campaigns. By modeling its AI on these top-performing brands, AdCopy AI brings you cutting-edge techniques and strategies that have proven to captivate audiences and generate impressive conversions.

One of the standout features of AdCopy AI is its ability to generate new ad variations in a matter of seconds. Simply copy and paste an existing ad, and AdCopy AI will swiftly provide you with fresh variations that are tailored to your target audience. This feature allows you to continuously test and optimize your ad campaigns, ensuring that you are always one step ahead of the competition.

But don’t just take our word for it – AdCopy AI has been put to the test by the crème de la crème of Facebook media buyers, the top 1% who demand nothing but excellence. Their trust in AdCopy AI speaks volumes about its effectiveness in delivering outstanding ad copy that drives real business results.

By leveraging the power of AdCopy AI, you can streamline your ad creation process, reducing labor costs, and increasing output with ease. With its advanced AI Creativity Amplifier, AdCopy AI takes your ideas to the next level, providing suggestions and enhancements that amplify the impact of your ad copy.


Not everyone is a Bibliophile. Some of us find it more convenient to listen to audiobooks rather than reading texts! If you also fall in this category, Audioread is the perfect AI website for you to listen to books while on the go. This smart AI audiobook website helps you transform any text form content into audio form and listen to it.


With Audioread, you can turn any PDF, email, or document into an audio podcast. Best for people who like to “read” while doing other tasks. And as if that wasn’t enough, Audioread helps you to convert audio files to different formats, such as WAV to MP3 or MP3 to FLAC. Now, that’s what you call a powerful AI. You can also forward emails, drag/drop PDFs, copy/paste text, or highlight text.

From Apple Podcasts to Google Podcasts, Audioread is compatible with almost all audio podcast platforms!

Wrapping Up

From a digital marketer to a music producer, this comprehensive list of 7 secret AI websites is for all. But hold on, it must be noted that these AI tools will only “help” you increase your productivity, the creativity gap still needs to be bridged by you!

Is there any technical work that AI can’t help with us? Looking at all these extremely dynamic AI tools, it certainly appears that AI is the future. And if still, you are not starting to learn AI, be ready to get replaced by a person who is learning AI!

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