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7 Best YouTube to AAC Converters Online - GeeksforGeeks

Youtube is an American organization that is meant for a video-sharing purpose and millions of us are using it every single hour. It can be used for multi purposes such as watching tutorials, music videos, etc. and there might be a time when you think of downloading some video on your phone in an audio format. This action looks simple but needs to be performed in several steps for converting youtube to AAC (advanced audio coding) which offers rich sound quality than others. 


This article covers a list of a handful of platforms/tools to convert youtube videos into AAC format in no time.

Best Youtube To AAC Converters


To convert Youtube to AAC, is one of the best tools that is available on the internet today. This tool helps to convert one Youtube media to the AAC format. The Youtube media URL should be pasted to the site to convert it to the AAC format. It will take some time to complete the process & the media will be now available to download. The main important feature is that the site restricts any copyrighted material to get downloaded. Also, the platform is free to use & unlimited time can be used on a certain day.

free youtube downloader -

2. Conversion Tool

The second one that made it into the list & is also a very simple Youtube to AAC downloader is the Conversion tool. The main feature of this platform is that it is very simple to use. There is no special decoration present on the platform that makes it attractive to the user. But its ability to convert youtube to AAC is unparalleled. It provides the facility to convert a file or a link to the AAC format. This platform is free to use for users and there is no limit of use for this platform.

free youtube downloader - conversion.tool

3. CloudConvert Tool

This tool is highly efficient for users who want to convert one file from Youtube to AAC format. This platform is not appropriate for the conversion of one URL to an AAC file due to its ability to convert files rather than any URL. However, this platform is free to use, but it is limited to use 5 times a day. After that, it will not allow us to use it.

free youtube downloader - cloudconvert.tool

4. Tool

If any individual wants to use one platform which is most attractive & user-interactive, then is that tool. It is the tool that is considered as the most user-interactive tool ever which helps to convert files to the AAC format. In this case, also, this platform doesn’t support any URL directly from Youtube. The youtube file should be present on the local device & which will be pleased in the platform. This is going to check the file & convert it to the AAC format. The conversation time of is relatively lesser than any platform here. It is free to use to the users, but it is not unlimited to use. Also, users might need to create one account there to use the service after a few use.

free youtube downloader -

5. Office Converter Tool

Office converter tool is one of the best intermediate-level options to convert youtube in AAC format. An office converter is a tool that can convert any URL or file to the AAC format. In this platform, the URL & local files can simultaneously be used for the conversion process. We are saying it is an intermediate-level tool, as the user interaction of this tool is medium in nature. It doesn’t have a nice attraction like a Media tool nor has a low-level design like a Conversion tool. 

free youtube downloader - office converter tool

6. YouTube-AAC Tool

It is a simple Youtube to AAC converter tool that can be used by targeting the URL of any particular Youtube video. That means this platform doesn’t support any files that will be uploaded from local devices. Users need to paste the Youtube URL directly to the text field present there. Within a minute, the Youtube media will be available along with the thumbnail of the media. So, after recognizing the file, that can be converted to the AAC format. This platform takes minimal time for conversion. Sometimes, due to copyright issues, the platform might not provide the AAC file.

free youtube downloader - youtube-aac.tool

7. Tool

This is another recognized tool for the conversion of files to the AAC format. It is the platform that only uses the local files for the conversion process. That means the generated files from Youtube should be provided to this platform for the conversion process. The platform is well maintained & the conversion process takes a small time related to others. If one individual has a URL of youtube, then it is not the correct platform for the conversion process. The platform is not entirely free to use. Users can visit the Pricing section & find out different offers present there. But the simple conversion of the files is possible here with a daily limit.

free youtube downloader -


The platforms that are mentioned here are used widely throughout the globe. So, these platforms are most popular among any other platforms on the internet. So, we can say that these are the best Youtube to AAC converter online tools. You might find some of the tools are not as attractive as others. So, choosing the best AAC converter is entirely up to you. You should find the best tool out of the platforms mentioned in this article.

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Last Updated : 24 May, 2023

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