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12 Ways To Prepare For a Successful Panel Interview - GeeksforGeeks

Have you ever gone through a job interview where you see a long table with several chairs on each side and sitting at the table are the members of the interview panel, who introduce themselves to you as a panelist? It is called a Panel Interview. In this article, we’ll explore what is Panel Interview and how you can impress panel interviewers.

Prepare for a Successful Panel Interview

What is Panel Interview?

Panel Interviews mean you are going to face a panel of judges from different or the same background. They will be judging you on different criteria. They may ask you about your qualifications, work experience, skills, and how you handle different situations. You answer the questions to the best of your ability, making eye contact with each panel member as you speak.

During the panel interview, you may notice that some members take notes or observe your body language, while others ask follow-up questions or provide feedback on your answers. The interview may last for an hour or more, depending on the complexity of the questions and the number of panel members. Your fate is left at the hand of the panelist after the interview ends.

Facing a panel of judges is like having a cricket team single-handedly you need to bat for sure. 

The real motive behind such systems can be:

  • To save time in the process of appointing a person for a big position. 
  • It saves later efforts and results in lesser disappointment among the senior members of the office. 
  • The more members, the better will be the observation as an average decision will be taken. 
  • Most importantly, the interviewers can judge how well you perform in a tense situation. Are you really worth being around big delegates?

So let’s make the situation easier for you all. Let’s explore.

Best Preparation Techniques for Panel Interview

It’s a great opportunity if you are being called upon for an interview based on your caliber and profile. Just don’t get swayed away by the excitement because there will be many others running the same race.

Call or Research the upcoming panel interview. Contact the administrative block of the job. Note the following queries for sure.

  • Names and contact details of each member of the panel. 
  • Do they have a social media account for their company or individually so that you can learn about their company position in the industry? 
  • Suggested topics they might be interested to listen from you. 
  • The correct location of the office. 
  • Documents required along with original resume. Several copies are required to be submitted. 
  • Will there be group discussions or tasks to be performed regarding the interview? 
  • What is the dress code? 
  • How should you address the panel judges? 
  • You can learn much better about the job if you are on LinkedIn platforms where the other employees working in the company currently might help you crack the interview better. 
  • Tailor your documents as mentioned so that they have every proof in their hands. 
  • Formulate good stories to tell you about your traits, and how you have executed them in real life. For instance, Leadership skills: If you were the captain of your college cricket team that won trophies under your guidance.

7 Ways to Impress a Panel Interview

1. Take a Good Look at Your Resume

Your resume is going to be your mirror in the interview spot. So better take a good one. Don’t boast nor underestimate the power of a clear and concise resume. Every word should be understandable and explainable to you. It is much appreciated if you have proof documents pinned as well.

Important Resource:

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Along with this, bring enough copies of your resume and other documents so that everyone on the other side of the panel can have their own copy for further review. Also don’t forget to bring a notepad and pen  

2. Dress Up Professionally

Dressing professionally for a panel interview is crucial as it significantly affects the first impression you create. While your answers matter, your appearance is equally important. Make sure to get a decent haircut, polish your formal shoes, and iron your clothes to avoid any wrinkles or creases. 

Opt for monochrome colors like white, navy blue, beige, or black for a clean and sophisticated look. Remember, dressing professionally shows your seriousness and respect for the interview process, and can positively impact your chances of getting hired.

3. Focus on Your Body Language and Facial Expression

During a panel interview, it’s natural to feel nervous, but it’s important to control your body language and facial expressions. Be conscious of your actions and avoid over-excitement or appearing too casual. When entering the room, greet each panel member with a smile and maintain eye contact. 

Take your seat when asked to and avoid fidgeting or making unwanted hand or leg movements. It’s essential to practice your body language and facial expressions beforehand to ensure you come across as confident and professional during the interview. Consider doing mock interviews with friends or family to identify areas that need improvement. 

With practice, you can develop a confident and composed demeanor that leaves a positive impression on the panel.

4. Prepare Questions for Interviewers

When you’re in a panel interview, you will likely be given the opportunity to ask questions of your own. This is a chance to show your interest in the company and gain a deeper understanding of the role and its responsibilities. It’s important to prepare in advance and develop questions specific to the company, the role, or the interviewers. 

Also, consider what matters most to you in a job and form questions around those topics. These questions can provide valuable insights into the role and the company culture, helping you assess whether it aligns with your needs and career goals. By asking thoughtful questions, you demonstrate your interest in the opportunity and your commitment to making an informed decision.

5. Give Time to Each Panel Member

Each member will be asking questions on their turn. Respect their time and act at your pace. Don’t beat around the bush unnecessarily. Don’t ramble or go off-topic, as this can make you come across as unprepared or unfocused. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s okay to admit it and promise to follow up with more information later. 

Maintain healthy eye contact with each panel member as you speak, and don’t forget to smile. Showing respect and professionalism to each panel member can leave a positive impression and improve your chances of success.

6. Pause and Answer

Sometimes the answer lies in the attitude of the question. So think twice before you give your final answer. Pausing for a few seconds can help you formulate a thoughtful and concise answer, and can prevent you from rambling or going off-topic. It’s also okay to ask for clarification if you don’t fully understand the question. 

By taking your time and answering thoughtfully, you can show the panel that you are a composed and confident candidate who is capable of handling challenging situations with ease. It shows your intellect to think before you act. Prepare an answer in your mind before presenting.

7. Follow Up is Important

A good handshake, smile, and decent thank you are a must at the end of the session. Follow up within 24 hours with the respective judges. Ask for true feedback so that you can act accordingly. Analyze your performance based on the preview.


We hope that this blog must have helped you understand and pave your preparation techniques for a successful interview session. Remember you can learn from the best and their experience but hard work should be yours. Each individual is different in terms of their capacity to bear the heat. 

Similarly, if you are satisfied and have confidence that you are going to present your best then be sure you will definitely. Guidance can be taken from anywhere. Walking is your job. So buckle up aspirants. Ace that dream job of yours before someone else takes it up. Be honest with your job and show them the side you are in reality. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses simplifies a personality.


1. What are the Commonly Asked Questions in an Interview?

There is nothing more common than an interviewer asking you to

Tell us About Yourself, Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Why do you think we should hire you? Why is this Job Important to you? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? How would you lead a team of employees for a project if given to be the leader?  

This is a bonus for all aspirants. If given a chance to ask some questions to the interviewers for some one-to-one communication, then you should not sit mum. Interact by asking the interviewers, “Do you want me to learn any skills that are a must for the job profile? What are your expectations from me for the next 6 months? How is the work environment over here?”

2. What Would happen if I couldn’t  Answer some Questions?

It’s common to be not able to answer every question that the panel of judges points at you. The judges also understand it. They don’t expect you to be answering everything. But be prepared to face all the bouncers. Attempting has got its marks. You can also accept and acknowledge the judges that you are not aware of the subject they want to listen to. This will help you to be inside your circle of knowledge.

3. Are Panel Interviews Full of Difficulties?

They might sound a little tough for candidates because several judges are watching you simultaneously. Each of them has different perspectives. But with thorough practice of eye contact and patience in hearing you can give your time to all. Being vigilant and not arrogant is another magic weapon.  Practice your presentation if any and be prepared with questions through it.

4. What to Do After My Panel Interview is Over?

Your work isn’t over yet. Don’t forget to take the contact details of all those panel interviewers so that you can easily follow them up. Send a thank you note via email to each of them. Ask for feedback. Wait for the call from the administration while you keep trying out other places.

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